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Mediafly Support: Creating a helpdesk ticket

If you are having an issue with a Mediafly product, open a helpdesk ticket to contact Mediafly support.

Select the applicable option and 'OK'

Enter all the appropriate information and attach any supporting documents or images.

Please include as much information as possible. For tips on information to include, view our support best practices article. The more Mediafly knows about your issue, the quicker we can come to a resolution.

Click "Send Message"

You will receive an email confirming the creation of a helpdesk ticket. Any responses from the Mediafly support team will automatically sent be to the email address you entered when creating the ticket. You can reply directly any communications coming from Mediafly support from whichever email client you prefer to use.

Alternatively, you may respond to communications from within the Mediafly helpdesk system by registering an account in our suport system (How to register your account).