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Mediafly Support: Account Registration and Tracking/Sharing Helpdesk Tickets

Once a helpdesk ticket is created (creating a helpdesk ticket) you can track and share tickets by registering your email address with Mediafly support.

(1) If you're already a registered user of the helpdesk, you can click on the first link to track the ticket. (2) If you're not yet registered, click on the second link to initiate the registration process. See the next steps on how to complete registration.

Click "Don't have an account? Create one for free."

Enter your email address again and click "Send Confirmation Code." This code will be sent to the email address.

Fill out the form using your information and the confirmation code that was sent to your email. Click "Register".

You have now created a Mediafly support account. To track your helpdesk tickets, click "Ticket History"

Here you will see any tickets that you have open with Mediafly support.

To share a ticket with another user in the Helpdesk system, navigate to the "My Account" tab. Click "Sharing/Collaboration"

Clicking the "+" button will allow you to add a collaborator to your helpdesk tickets. Click "Save changes". Any tickets you create or replies to existing tickets will be sent to that users support account.

When other users share tickets with you can Hide or Show them by selecting the appropriate choice from the "Shared with me" drop down menu.

Your settings will then determine which tickets show up in your ticket history.