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Projecting Your Screen from an iOS Device, via AirPlay (iOS)

You can use the AirPlay function, which is built into most iOS devices (iPhone, iPad...) to wirelessly display your screen on a connected device.

Please note that, in order for this to work, two things must happen:

1) Your device and the destination device must both be on the same WI-FI network

2) The destination device must be set up to be found by AirPlay. If the destination is an iOS device, such as an AppleTV or MacBook, you can use its native settings to configure this. Otherwise, you can use a third party application, such as Reflector (, which will work for either Mac or PCs.

On your mobile device screen, slide up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center, then tap Airplay.

Select an Airplay option (such as AppleTV) then tap Mirroring.

Your mobile device screen will be mirrored on the destination device screen.