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Onboarding Users via Self Registration

This article outlines the Self Registration process for end users and Airship admins.

Note: If you do not have access to this feature, it may not be configured in your environment. For more details, please contact us.

End User Self Registration Form

End User will visit Self Registration web page and submit form with account request details  

Approving Registration Requests in Airship

Navigate to the Users & Groups tab on Airship

If users have registered and are pending approval, you will see an additional drop down menu option

(1) You will see a list of users who requested access. (2) To approve a user, click the green check mark. To reject them, click on the red x.

Approved users will appear in the User Management tab.

Depending on your configuration, the user will automatically receive a message of account approval or rejection. If this setting is not configured, you can manually email the approved users with instruction to reset their password.

Rejected Account Registration Requests

Rejected Account Registration Requests

Once a user is rejected, they populate into a "Rejected Accounts" section on the page. You can always go back and approve them later, from this section.

Process Flow for Self Registration

Process Flow for Self Registration

This process flow shows a more detail view of the steps taken by the admin and end user to create a new user account.