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Kickoff and Onboarding Overview

A thorough onboarding experience is key to getting the most value out of Mediafly. Here's what you can expect from the onboarding process.

Typical Timeline

Typical Timeline

From project kickoff to launch, onboarding should take 30 to 60 days depending on your requirements.

Onboarding Overview

A quick visual guide of the onboarding process.

Onboarding Overview

Pre Project Kickoff Meeting

Before the formal kickoff with the client, Sales, the Customer Success Manager (CSM) and Onboarding Manager (OM) will meet to discuss the account, and fill out Onboarding Questionaire.  You can find the sample template here.  

Kick Off Meeting

During the kick off meeting, the Customer Success team is introduced to the client, discusses any additional missing information from the Onboarding Questionnaire, and begin to formalize the onboarding plan. You can view a sample link of a standard onboarding plan here.


After the onboarding plan has been approved by the client, the process will officially kick off.  The CSM and OM will coordinate with the client on all tasks, and schedule the following meetings:

  • Day in the Life
  • Content Structure Management
  • Midpoint Check In
  • Airship: Train the Trainer
  • App: Train the Trainer
  • Support and Troubleshooting Tips
  • Launch Discussion

CSM and OM will coordinate any tasks outside of these discussions, including branding guidelines, app creation and environment configuration.


Once the client has launched their application internally, and after the first 30 days, the CSM will reach out to the client to do a post launch check in, and help with any additional needs.