Uploading Your First Item


Log into Airship using a modern web browser:

 Navigate to the Media Management tab.

Upload content using one of the provided methods:

Upload Methods:

  1. "Upload a file" - Use your Windows or Mac file management capabilities to select and upload your files.
  2. "Import from URL" - If your content resides on a publicly available server which can be accessed via a specific URL, you can use this method.
  3. "Drag and Drop" - You can select one or more files from your computer desktop and simply drag them into the dotted rectangle shown above.

For details on appropriate video and document specs click here.

Thumbnail images for videos, image files and PDFs will automatically generate, after uploading and processing.  It may take a few minutes for the thumbnail image to process into the summary view.

Note: Items will not be visible in the app unless you specify user permissions in the User Access menu.