Airship's Relationship with Apps

Airship is the content management system used to control which content is visible to a user in the app and web player. Airship should be used on a desktop computer, ideally with the Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browsers.  Simply visit

NOTE: It is not advisable to use Airship on a mobile device.

Airship vs. the App

  • AIRSHIP is used for determining what is visible in the apps.
  • The APP is used for viewing content on a mobile device or tablet.
  • Admins mainly use AIRSHIP to upload and organize content, provision user permissions, etc.
  • End users (i.e. sales reps) use the APP to view and present content.
  • If configured, end users leverage AIRSHIP for adding their own content to their My Items folder, which is visible in the APP.
  • Admins can see content in AIRSHIP which may not be visible in the APP.  They can set release and archive dates.

Let's walk through an example of using Airship to determine which content is accessible on users' apps.  

Mary is the Airship administrator at Mediafly Widget Factory.  In Airship, Mary has visiblity into all the content in the system.  She determines who can access certain pieces of of content in their respective apps.

Employees need to review the Video collateral before releasing it to all of the Outside Sales reps.  To facilitate this, Mary provices access to that content to only the Employees group in Airship.

Now, when members of the Employee group access the app, they will be able to see the Video Collateral folder, along with any other content that has been made visible to them.

Bob, on the other hand, is not an employee.  He is an Outside Sales rep.  When Bob uses the app, only the folders that Mary has made available to everyone are visible to him.

At the office, Bob logs into the web viewer from a browser on his laptop.  The same content that was visible to him on his iPad will be displayed.

In Airship, there is a folder titled Admins Only, which is only visble to Mary or any other admin user for which she provides access.  Both employees and outside sales reps (like Bob) cannot see the folder or the content within it.


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