Uploading Content

We recommend you use the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari when working with Airship.  If you are using an older browser, all of Airship's functionality (e.g. Drag & Drop functionality) may not be available to you.

Click on "Media" > Select "Media Management"

Navigate to the desired folder to add content

Upload content using one of the provided methods:

  • 1. Drag and Drop: Drag one or more files from your computer deskto into the dotted rectangle.  
  • 2. Upload a file: Use your PC's file management capabilities to select and upload your files.
  • 3. Import from URL: Provide a link to your file (must exist at a public URL).
  • 4. Link to a Website

Once you've uploaded a file, a progress bar will be shown in the top part of your display.  You can navigate to other folders and upload additional files without interrupting uploads; do not log out of Airship or your uploads will be terminated.

Once finished, your content is listed in the summary view of the folder contents.

**Thumbnail images for videos, image files and PDFs are automatically generated. It may take a few minutes for the thumbnail image to process into the summary view.  You can also manually upload a thumbnail image.  


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