Uploading Content to a Folder

Getting content into Airship is easy!  We've provided multiple avenues for you to upload your content into the desired folders.

NOTE: We recommend you use the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari when working with Airship.  If you are using an older browser, all of Airship's functionality (e.g. Drag & Drop functionality) may not be available to you.

Within Airship, click on Media (1), and select Media Management (2) from the dropdown.

Navigate to the location in which you'd like to upload content.  Create a new folder if necessary.


Open a finder window on your desktop.  Locate the file(s) you'd like to upload into Airship, and select them (3).

Drag them into the Airship browser window.  A green box (4) will appear; drop the files there.


Click on the Create button (5) to upload content one of three ways:

  • Upload from Your Computer - Opens a finder window to browse for files on your computer to upload
  • Import File from URL - Must be a public URL
  • Link to a website - When clicked in the app/web viewer, the link will open a new browser window

Once you've uploaded a file, a progress bar will appear (5).  You can navigate to other folders and upload additional files without interrupting uploads; however, do not log out of Airship or your uploads will be terminated.


Once the content has finished processing, you may view it in the apps/web viewer.

NOTE: Thumbnail images for videos, image files and PDFs are automatically generated. It may take a few minutes for the thumbnail image to process into the summary view.  You can also manually upload a thumbnail image and download thumbnails.