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Delegated Content Administration


Here is a scenario in which content administration is delegated to another user:

Agnes is the Airship administrator.

Vlad is a Marketing Manager.

Agnes wants to give Vlad the ability to upload and manage content specifically for his team.  

 To do this, Agnes goes to the Media Management tab in Airship and creates a new folder. She names it "Photos".

 She then, clicks on the Photos folder and goes to the User Access submenu.  Admins can assign permissions for content in that folder.

 She begins to type Vlad's name into the "User Permissions for this folder and its contents" field and picks him out from the search results.

She checks three check boxes to the right of his name:  View Media, Manage Content and Manage Access.

This allows Vlad to see content in that folder (View Media), edit it (Manage Content) and also control whom can access the content Manage Access.

Now Vlad can log into Airship and see this folder.  He can add content and adjust metadata. He can also extend further access, in the same way that Agnes did for him.

Note: That a folder will not show up in the app unless it has content inside it.