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Folder and Item Thumbnail Images

Every folder or item can have a thumbnail image which is displayed both in Airship and the application.  The images must be a standard image (jpg, png, or gif) and should be square (600px by 600px is ideal), with the bottom 30% protected so that the title can be properly displayed in the application.  If you would prefer to have folder or item overlays turned off in your environment (so that images can be vertically centered), please contact us and we can make the configuration change for you.

Click on "Media" and select "Media Management" from the dropdown

Clicking on the edit icon of a folder or item.

(1) Navigate to the Folder Info submenu.

(2) Upload a thumbnail image by dragging and dropping in thumbnail area. Note that the green rectangle is only present when drag a file over it

(3) Or use one of the following methods:

  • Upload from Desktop: Use your PC's file management capabilities to select and upload your files.
  • Import from URL: Provide a link to your file (must exist at a public URL).

After processing, the new image will display in the summary view.  Note that you cannot manually set the folder image for the "My Items" folder, however we can make a configuration change to set that for you can your users.  Please contact us for details.