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Moving and Copying Content in Airship

At times during your content management, it may be necessary to move an item into another folder. To facilitate this, Airship has the following functions:

  • Cut - when you want to move a file.
  • Copy - when you want to duplicate a file (does not apply to folders, only items within folders).

Click on "media".

(1) Find the desired folder(s) or item and mark the check box on the left. (This works for multiple folders/items, as well)

(2) The edit, delete, copy and cut buttons will appear when one or more items is selected.

Once you click the cut or copy button a paste button will appear with a tag showing how many items have been cut or copied.

The copy function does not work with folders (folders can only be cut).

Navigate to the folder in which you would like to paste your items/folders.The paste button and number of files indicator will show up in the destination folder. Click paste.

The item(s) will be relocated.

--Cut items are removed from the the original folder.

--Copied items are duplicated.