Adding Watermarks to Content

Watermarks are a digital overlay that protects sensitive content and identifies the viewer. Adding a visible watermark is a common way of identifying content and protecting them from unauthorized users. In Airship, you have the ability to configure watermarks on content.

Note: Watermarks are a configurable feature which is not turned on by default. If you have interest in utilizing this feature, please contact our Customer Success Team

Configuring watermarks on content in Airship

Navigate to the desired content in Airship to configure watermarking. Scroll to the bottom of the item info and select the checkbox for 'Overlay this content with a visible watermark'. Additional configuration options will appear to customize the watermark.

Once all changes have been made, select 'Save' for the content. Watermarking for that has been configured.

Viewing watermarked content

Viewing watermarked content

In the app, navigate to the desired item and the watermark will show during playback.