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Sharing Items with Airship Links

Links are configurable by environment and differ from the share links in the apps, offering expiration dates, password protection and other useful access controls.

Note: Airship Links is a configurable feature which is not turned on by default. If you are interested in utilizing this feature, please contact our Customer Success Team.

To create a link, navigate to the desired item view in Airship and select the 'Links' tab (1) then 'Create Link' (2)

In the create link view, there are options to edit the title (1), set expiration restrictions (2), set access restrictions (3) and save the link settings (4). The different access options are configurable - which can be added or removed depending on your use case


  • If an expiration date is set on the share link, the archive date on the item takes priority over the expiration/visibility rules.
  • If an expiration date time zone is not explicitly set, the time zone will default to that of the user creating the link.
  • Users and groups assigned to the link override the permissions assigned on the underlying content itself.

After saving the link, you will be directed to the Links overview page. Users can navigate to 'Actions' to create a pre-populated email for the link (1), copy the share link (2), modify the link (3), or delete the link (4).