Mediafly DocumentationAirship Managing Users and GroupsAdding a User or Multiple Users to an Existing Group

Adding a User or Multiple Users to an Existing Group

  Follow these steps to easily add existing users to existing groups.

Within Airship, click on Users & Groups (1), and select User Management (2) from the dropdown.

Using filters and/or search if applicable, select desired users using checkboxes (3).  Click the Editicon (4) to bulk edit selected users.

Working in the Add Groups tab (5), begin typing the name(s) of the groups you wish to add users to (6).  Click Save (7).  Click Back to User List (8) to return to summary view.

Changes will be reflected in the summary view on the User Management tab.  View the specific groups a user belongs to by hovering over the count of groups they belong to (9).  

NOTE: Click on a user's group count to be taken to their Groups tab (10), and click on their Privileges level to be taken to their Privileges tab (11).