Clearing User Device Logins

Device limits are a set number of devices a user can log onto concurrently using their Mediafly credentials. Limits are set to ensure security of content and management of devices. This article outlines the scenario where a user has reached their device limit and steps for an Airship Admin to clear their login instances to provide them access to a device.

NOTE: The process outlined below will log a user out of every instance they are currently signed in and will remove all downloaded content.  If you do not want a user to lose downloaded content on all devices, simply instruct the user to log out of a device they are no longer utilizing and this will free up an additional device login instance on another device.

Within Airship, click on Users & Groups (1), and select User Management (2) from the dropdown.

Using filters and/or search if applicable, select desired user by clicking on their e-mail address (3).

At the bottom of the User Info tab, select Clear All Device Logins (5).

Once complete, a pop up notification (6) will appear at the top of your screen to verify all device logins have been cleared.  You can then notify the user that their device logins are cleared and they will be able to sign in.