Group Manager Privileges

Administrators can assign Group Manager privileges so that other users can manage user groups and user creation.  These Group managers will only be able to modify and view the groups and users for which they have been assigned Group Manager privileges.

NOTE: Group Manager privileges must be configured for your environment.  If you'd like to turn on this feature, please contact Customer Success.  Thanks!

Logged in as the administrator within Airship, click on the "Users & Groups" tab (1) and Select "Group Management" (2) from the dropdown.  

Navigate to the group for which you'd like to designate a Group Manager by clicking on the group name (3).

Select a group manager(s) by clicking the Group Manager box (4) in the Status column next to the desired user.  Click Save (5).

Once a user is designated as the Group Manager, they can log into Airship and begin to manage accounts associated with that group.

Privileges include:

  1. Creating a new group
  2. Editing designated group(s)
  3. Deleting designated group(s)
  4. Adding users or modifying group privileges to designated group(s)
  5. Removing users from designated groups(s)

Remember, Group Managers can only view and modify the users in their designated groups. Group Managers can create new users and modify the users in the groups they manage.