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Delegating Content Administration

 Content Administration responsibilities can easily be delegated to non-admin users, allowing teams to operate and manage independently.  Let's use a common scenario to demonstrate how content administration can be delgated.

Susan is the Airship administrator.  Jim is a Marketing Manager.  Susan wants to give Jim the ability to upload and manage content specifically for his team.  

Within Airship, Susan clicks on Media (1), and selects Media Management (2) from the dropdown.  


She creates a new folder by clicking Create (3) and selecting New Folder (4) from the dropdown; she titles it 'Southwest Marketing Team' and saves it (5).

Susan then clicks into the folder she has just created, and navigates to the User Access tab (6).  As the admin, she can delegate content permissions for the folder.

Under User Permissions, Susan looks Jim up by typing his name in the search box (7), and clicking on it to add him.  

Susan then checks three boxes in order to delegate content administration of this folder to Jim: View Media, Manage Content and Manage Access.

This allows Jim to see content in that folder (View Media), edit it (Manage Content) and also control whom can access the content (Manage Access).

Now Jim can log into Airship and see this folder.  He can add content to the folder and adjust its metadata. He can also extend further access to this folder, in the same way that Susan did for him!

NOTE: A folder will not appear in the app unless it has content inside it.