Downloading Thumbnails

Thumbnail images are automatically assigned for all files and displayed in the app.  In Airship, thumbnails can be manually assigned to folders and non-image items.  Image files default to a thumbnail of the image itself.

NOTE: Please visit this article to learn more about manually adding thumbnail images.

Within Airship, click on Media (1), and select Media Management (2) from the dropdown.

Navigate to the content for which you'd like to download the thumbnail; click on the item name (3) or the Edit icon(4).

This will bring you to the File Info tab. Locate the Thumbnail section (5) on the righthand side of this page and click Download (6) to begin downloading the thumbnail to your desktop.


Alternatively, right click on Download File and select save link as.  

Specify the location to save the file and update the title if desired.  Click save.