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Monitoring the Processing Status of Assets

The Asset Processing Status feature shows items that are in-process, or have completed, failed, or been deleted over the past ten hours.  New items will appear after they have been successfully ingested and begin processing.

NOTE: This is a configurable feature which is not turned on by default; if you are interested in utilizing this feature, please reach out to our Customer Success Team.  When Asset Processing Status is configured, it is available to all users who have Manage Media permissions. Users will be able to see all environment activity but will only be able to see the details of items for those in which they have manage media permissions. Currently, My Items content processing status is not included in this feature.

Within Airship, click on Environment (1), and select Asset Processing Status (2) from the dropdown.

On the Asset Processing Status page, the item status is broken out into three parts: Processing, Completed, and Failed/Deleted.

Each piece of content has its own row (3) containing details like file name, Airship path, time since uploading/processed, and file size.

NOTE: Variant icons (4) will be green once all variants have completed processing.

Video assets will display its processing duration once completed (5).

You may show or hide the Item ID by toggling View ID (6).

You may also filter items by their processing status if you'd only like to see items in a particular status.  In this example, only Completed items are showing (7) because Processing & Failed/Deleted were unchecked.  To add all items back to your view, simply re-select the other statuses at the top of the page.

Filtering by processing status