Mediafly DocumentationAirship Media ManagementViewing What Content Another User Can Access

Viewing What Content Another User Can Access

As an Airship Admin, you may confirm the content another user can/cannot access.

Within Airship, click on Users & Groups (1), and select User Management (2) from the dropdown.

Locate the user for whom you'd like to view content access by leveraging search or filtering, if desired.  Click on their email (username) (3).

Click on the Access tab (4).

On this page, the folder structure of all content in Airship will appear on the left panel (5).  Shaded icons indicate that the user can access the folder/content.  Unshaded icons indicate no access.

The permissions summary for the selected folder/contet will appear on the right panel (6).  If desired, you may update access for a folder/item by clicking Edit Icon Access (7).