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Sharing Content from My Items

The My Items feature allows you to upload your own content into Airship, outside of content uploaded by Admins.  Content uploaded to My Items can only be viewed by you in the app, unless you share the content with other users.

NOTE: Visit this article to learn more about adding content to your My Items folder.

Within Airship, click on the My Items folder (1).

WIthin your My Items folder, locate the content you'd like to share.  Click on the file name (2) or click the Edit icon (3).

Click on the Sharing tab (4).  Click Add Users (5).

Begin typing in the names/email addresses of the users you'd like to share the content with (6).  Click Share (7).

The recipients you shared the content with will receive an email notification that you've shared the content with them (8).

They will also be able to access the content in the app by navagating to their My Items folder and clicking into the Shared with Me folder (9).