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Sorting and Rearranging in Airship

Airship's sorting and rearranging functionality allows admins to sort items alphabetically, chronologically, or in custom order.  This maxizes efficiency in organizing content as the order in which content appears in Airship will be reflected in the apps.  As such, you may consider informing your users if you plan on completely reorganizing the order of content.

Within Airship, click on Media (1), and select Media Management (2) from the dropdown.

Click on the Sort Folder button (3) to sort the items and subfolders within the folder you are working on.

From the Sort menu, you have the option to sort alphabetically (A-Z or Z-A) or chronologically (either newest or oldest first) (4).

You may also rearrange content in any unique manner by leveraging the drag functionality.  Simply click on the arrow icon (5) next to any folder/item, then drag and drop it in the desired location.