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Uploading Files from an External URL

If you have content which resides on a publicly available server, such as Dropbox or even your own website, you can use the Import file from URL method of uploading content to Airship.  This is often much faster than downloading content to your PC and uploading it back up to our servers.

NOTE: Visit this article to discover other ways to upload content into Airship.

Within Airship, click on Media (1), and select Media Management (2) from the dropdown.

Navigate to the location in which you'd like to upload the URL.  Click Create (3) and select Import File from URL from the dropdown.

Input one or more URLs (5), separating the URLs by a new line break.  Click OK (6).

Example: Finding a Public Link from Dropbox to Input into Airship

Find the file you'd like to upload. Right click on the file and select Share link (7).

Copy the provided link.  You may now drop this link into the Import File from URL Airship menu.

The new file will be created in Airship, and the file will process.  While the file is processing, do not exit Airship.