Mediafly DocumentationAirship Media ManagementAdding Subtitle Files to Video Items

Adding Subtitle Files to Video Items

In Airship, you have the ability to add subtitle files to videos.

Within Airship, click on Media (1), and select Media Management (2) from the dropdown.

Navigate to the video for which you'd like to add subtitle files; click on the item name (3) or the Edit icon (4).

On the File Info tab, scroll down to the Subtitles menu (5).

Drag and drop the subtitle files, or click Uplaod from your computer to add the files.

Click Save (6).

NOTE: Currently, we support .cap, WebVTT, YouTube, and subrip subtitle file types.  If you don't see your format listed, please reach out to us at to see if we are able to support your file type.

NOTE: When uploading subtitle files it is pertinent to include the language code in the file name.   For example, if the subtitle file is named "Subtitle1.cap" but contains English US subtitles, the uploaded file name should be "Subtitle1.en-us.cap" which follows the codes that can be found here.

NOTE: If multiple subtitle files are uploaded for the same video item, the language code allows the system to determine which language the corresponding subtitle file matches for end users.