Laser Pointer Tool (iOS)

The iOS version of the app has a Laser Pointer feature which allows a user to simulate a laser pointer on the screen, during presentations. This is very handy when drawing attention to a specific element of the content which is being presented. Below are instructions for using this feature.

The Laser Pointer feature relies on the app's Second Screen feature, which facilitates projecting from an iOS device onto another screen. (Click here, for more on the Second Screen feature.) The directions below assume that the user has already turned on the Second Screen feature and is ready to present.

The Laser Pointer is an optional feature. If you don't currently see it in your app and would like to, please contact us.

Locate and open the piece of content that you would like to present.

Tap the screen to reveal the top and bottom menu bars.

Tap the Laser Pointer icon in the bottom right of the screen to activate the tool. It will turn red when activated.

Now, when you hold and slide your finger on the screen of your device, a laser pointer will appear on the projected screen.