Sync vs. Download Overview (iOS)

The Sync Circle is a feature inside the iOS Mediafly application that provides users a quick view to sync and download progress of content onto their device. This article outlines the differences between the 'sync' process and 'download' process.

For more details about the Downloader and Sync Circle, visit Overview of the Downloader and Overview of the Sync Circle

Difference between Sync and Download

Difference between Sync and Download

The Sync Circle can be found on the top right corner of your iOS Mediafly application main page. The Sync Circle has an inner circle and outer ring that signifies the status of two different processes:

Sync (inner circle) is the process of comparing what is currently available in the App to what is currently available on Mediafly's servers to synchronize any content changes (updates, additions or removals) to make available for download on your device.

Download (outer ring) is the process of adding synced content to your device and utilizing your device storage.

Note: User settings may indicate that video, documents, and/or audio files should download automatically. During the sync process, thumbnails for folders and items will be downloaded automatically.

The Sync and Download process can occur simultaneously or separately depending on your settings. In addition, the Sync and Download process will most likely take a different amount of time to complete.

Tip: Downloaded content will render more quickly when selecting content to view. If you select content to view that synced but has not downloaded, it will take a few moments longer to render the content as the download process began when the content was selected.