Sharing a Collection (iOS)

This allows you to share a collection you created with another application user to leverage your work among your co-workers, or email the collection to a client after a meeting.

Sharing a Collection via Public Link or Password Protected Link

First tap on the Collection you want to share to view the contents (similar to above). From within a Collection, tap the Sharing icon. This icon will only be active if one, or more, of the included items are marked as Shareable in Airship.

Tap on the + New Share area.

1. In the Create Share screen, name the Share, choose an expiration date if applicable and include an optional message.

2. Then set the Access levels for the Share with options of Public Link (anyone with the link can view the content), Password Link (anyone with the link and the set password can view the content), OR Share to Users (anyone within the organization can view the content).

3. After adding in the details, click 'Save' to continue.

To copy the link you created, navigate to the Sharing tab and select the corresponding Collection.

After opening the pop-up box, the link will appear at the bottom of the details which can be copied and pasted into a message.

Sharing a Collection with a user within the organization

Sharing a Collection with a user within the organization

Following the same steps to create a share as previously outlined then select the 'Share to Users' access option. Then using the + Add Users or Groups, users can pull up and add users to the share. Then finish by selecting 'Save'

Recipient view of Shared Collection

Recipient view of Shared Collection

When a recipient receives a Shared Collection from another user in organization, they will see the Collection listed under 'Shared With Me'