Comments Tool (iOS)

The comments tool allows you to make public comments to other users on items that you view in the app. Here is how to use the tool.

Locate and open the piece of content that you would like to view.

Tap the screen to reveal the top and bottom menu bars (1). Tap the Comments icon in the bottom right of the screen (2).

The Comments window will appear. Tap on the "+" to generate a comment.

Type in the "Add to the comment" field to populate the comment with information. Tapping outside of the menu will save the comment.

Once created, a Comment will populate into the given window, for future reference.

Comments can be emailed by tapping the share icon.

Add recipients (1) and tap send (2).

A comment can be deleted by selected 'Edit' then delete button or swiping to the left on the comment and tapping the delete button.