Creating and Viewing a Collection (web)

Think of Collections as custom playlists. They allow you to compile a subset of relevant content and present directly from it, rather than wasting time during a meeting, fumbling through folders to find the next item. Below are instructions for how to make a Collection.

Creating a New Collection

Select the Collections menu option.

Select "New Collection" to create a new Collection and assign it a relevant name.

Adding Items to the Collection

Navigate to a piece of content to add to your collection. Hover over the content with your mouse and select the bullet list icon to add item to a collection.

Choose the Collection to which you want to add content.

Adding items to a collection while viewing the item

When viewing an item, select the bullet list icon on the top right of the screen to add item to a collection

Selection the collection to which you would like to add the item.

Viewing a Collection

Collections are accessible by selecting 'View All Collections' under the Collections option on the top menu bar

Select the desired Collection to view the items within it.