Creating and Viewing a Collection (Windows/Mac)

Think of Collections as custom playlists. They allow you to compile a subset of relevant content and present directly from it, rather than wasting time during a meeting, fumbling through folders to find the next item. Below are instructions for how to make a Collection.

Creating a New Collection

Navigate to the Collections tab in the menu and select 'New Collection'.

Assign the new collection a name.

Adding Items to the Collection

Navigate to an item in your app you want to add to your collection. Click on the media icon and select the 'bullet list' icon to include in a Collection.

Choose the Collection to which you want to add content.

Adding items to a collection while viewing the item

When viewing an item, select the 'bullet list' icon on the top right of the page to add item to a collection

Create a new collection, or select the collection that you'd like to add the content to.

Viewing a Collection

Collections are accessible by selecting the 'Collections' option from the main menu then selecting 'View My Collections' or the specific collection from the drop down list.

Select the desired Collection to view the items within it.