Sharing a Collection (Windows/Mac)

This allows you to share a collection you created with another application user. It's a great way to leverage your work among your co-workers.  If you do not see this feature in your environment, please contact to enable this.

Navigate to the Collection to be shared, select 'Sharing' (1) from the menu options then 'Create Share' (2)

To create a share link, enter in the name of the shared collection that will display to the recipient (1).  Select the specific type of shared collection you are creating.  There are three different types (2):

  • Anyone with access to the collection URL
  • Protected with a custom password
  • Limited to specific groups or users within your organization

Set an expiration date, if necessary (3).  Click 'Create' to save the shared (4).

After the share is created, you can copy the link URL (1) edit (2) or delete (3) the share. There is also an option to create additional shares (4).