Overview of the Downloader (Windows/Mac)

The Downloader allows you to manage the items that are, and have been, downloaded onto your device.

To locate the Downloader, click on the Downloads menu (1).

  • To view ongoing downloads, select View Downloads (2).  
  • To update your Downloader preloading settings, check or uncheck Preload Documents, Preload Images or Preload Media (3).  
  • To select between 1 and 3 items to download simultaneously, navigate to Simultaneous Downloads (4).

When viewing downloads, you'll see that items are split into three tabs: Active, Completed and Failed.

  • The Active tab shows all content currently in the process of being downloaded.
  • The Failed tab shows all content which did not download successfully.
  • The Completed tab shows all downloaded content, and provides the option to remove content from offline storage by hovering over an item name.

To temporarily increase the number of simultaenous downloads, click on Turbo Mode (5).  This is great for overnight syncing or syncing all content for the first time.

Select the timeframe for which you'd like Turbo Mode to run, keeping in mind the other work you plan to do on your computer, as this will use a lot of resources and may make your computer appear seem sluggish.

To add content to the Downloader at the item or folder level, click on the folder thumbnail icon and select Store Contents for Offline Use (6).

To remove content from offline storage, navigate to the item or folder, click on the thumbnail icon and select Remove Contents from Offline Storage (8).

To view an item's download status while navigating the app, icons will appear on the thumbnail indicating if an item is in progress (8) or already downloaded (9).

If no icon appears on the thumbnail (10), then the item is not currently actively downloading nor downloaded to offline storage.