Overview of the Downloader (Windows/Mac)

The Downloader is a function which lets you manage the items that are, and have been, downloaded onto your device.

The Downloader is located under the 'Downloads' toolbar menu option.  To view ongoing downloads, select 'View Downloads' (1).  To toggle your Downloader settings, check or uncheck 'Preload Documents', 'Preload Images' or 'Preload Media (2).  To select between 1 and 3 items to download simultaneously, navigate to 'Simultaneous Downloads' (3).


The Downloader contains 3 tabs: Active, Completed and Failed

The 'Completed' tab show all downloaded content and option to remove content from offline storage

Adding items to downloader by folder

On the folder level, click on the folder icon and select 'Store contents for offline use' drop down option.

Adding items to downloader by item

Navigate to the item you want to add to the downloader, click on the thumbnail icon and from the drop down menu options, select 'Store for offline use'

Removing items from offline storage

Navigate to the folder or item you wish to remove from offline storage, then click on the thumbnail icon and select 'Remove content from offline storage' from the pop-up menu options

Viewing download status by item

When viewing content you can see which item downloads are in progress (1) and which ones are complete (2) by the corresponding notifications. If there is no icon on the thumbnail, that indicates the item is not currently actively downloading nor downloaded to offline storage.