Saving items to app (iOS)

This feature allows a user with manage media permissions the ability to save content from one iOS app to their Mediafly iOS app - all without needing to visit Airship!

In this example, we will be saving a PDF email attachment from a mail iOS app to a Mediafly app. Locate the desired item in your email and tap on the item to view.

Once the item is open, select the share icon on the top right (1) and then scroll through the 'Open app' options until you find and select your desired Mediafly iOS app (2).

You will be directed to the selected app and be presented with the folder hierarchy. From the list, select the desired folder to save the item.

Once you have navigated to the desired folder for the item, select 'Continue' to proceed with saving the item.

You will have the option of updating the title of the item before saving. Click 'Continue' to proceed to save the item.

You will receive a confirmation message upon a successful upload of the item. To view the item in the app, select 'Done'.

Once the item is saved, you can navigate to view the item in the app. If any other metadata or permissions need to be added to the item, those actions will need to be completed inside Airship.