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Presentation Builder: Building from an Existing Document

Want to modify a existing presentation to make it your own?  Use Presentation Builder to quickly rearrange and update an existing presentation!

NOTE: Presentation Builder currently supports .ppt, .pptx and .pdf  presentations.

Within the app, navigate to the presentation you'd like to modify.  Tap on the presentation to open it.

From any slide within the presentation, tap More (1) and select Open in Presentation Builder (2) from the dropdown.

If you'd like to add slides from other presentations, tap Add Slides(3) to open the lefthand panel, which contains the folder hierarchy of content in the app (4).  This structure will always begin at the root Home Folder.

Check out these articles on adding, rearranging, and deleting slides from your presentation!

Give your new presentation a unique name and submit it to be processed.

The updated presentation can be found in your My Items folder (5) once it has processed.  You can share it via e-mail and add it to a collection, too!