Presentation Builder: Modifying Your Presentation

Read this article if you need to update or create a new version of a presentation you've already built.

Locate the built presentation in your My Items folder (1) or tap the Builder icon (2) from anywhere within the app and select on the presentation you'd like to edit (3).


From any slide within your presentation, tap More(4), then select Open in Presentation Builder (5) from the dropdown.

Make the desired edits by adding, rearranging, or removing slides.

Click Finish (6).  Two saving options are available to you:

  1. Update the existing presentation, overwriting the old version (7)
  2. Save a new version, making sure to give it a different title (8)

Once the presentation has finished processing, it will appear in your My Items folder.  You can share it via e-mail or add it to a collection!