Creating and Viewing a Collection (iOS)

Think of Collections as custom playlists. They allow you to compile a subset of relevant content and present directly from it, rather than wasting time during a meeting by fumbling through folders to find the next item.

Tap the Collections icon (1).

Tap +New Collection (2) to create a new collection.

Title your collection and and tap Done (3).

To add items to the collection, browse the app to locate desired content.  Long-press on an item that you'd like to add to the collection.

Tap Add to Collection (4).

Select the collection for which you'd like to add the content (5).  Or, if desired, you may create a new one from this menu.

A popup (6) will appear, confirming that the item has been added to the collection.

Collections are accessible by tapping the Collections icon (7) and selecting the desired collection (8) to the view the items in it.

Tap Actions (9) to rearrange items, email links to items, or delete the collection.