Sharing a Collection (iOS)

Sharing a Collection is a great way to follow up a meeting to provide both context and content for participants to reference later.  

Tap on the Collections icon (1).  Navigate to a collection by tapping on its name (2).

From within the collection, tap Sharing (3).

NOTE: The sharing icon will only appear if one or more of the collection's items are marked as shareable in AIrship.

Tap New Share (4).

Give the share link a Name (5) and add a Message (6) to include in the email.

Set an Expiration Date (7) if desired.

Set the Access Level:

  • Public (anyone can view the collection using the link) (8)
  • Password protected (anyone can view the collection link if they use the password you've set) (9)
  • Only share with specific users/groups who also have access to the app (10)

Tap Save (11).

The Share will now appear in the collection's Sharing menu (12).