Creating & Sharing Private Notes (iOS)

The Notes tool allows you to make private notes on items that you view in the app. Only you will see your notes.

NOTE: Please visit this article for more information about making public comments on items.

Locate and open the piece of content you'd like to add a note to.

Tap anywhere on the screen to open the top and bottom menus.  Tap on the Notes icon (1).

The Notes window will appear. Tap on the + (2) to generate a note.

Type in the Add to the Note (3) field to populate the note. Tapping outside of the menu will save the note.

Once created, the note will appear in the Notes pane (4) along with the date it was created.  If making notes on a multi-page document, you can keep track of the page the note is associated with.

You can email your note by tapping the Share icon (5).

A mail popup will appear on your screen.  Add recipients and a message if desired, and tap send (6).

A note can be deleted by swiping to the left on the note and tapping the delete button (7).