Opening an Item in Another App (iOS)

The "Open in..." feature of the iOS app allows a user to open a document, in its original form, in an external iOS program.  Let's say a PowerPoint file is uploaded to Airship.  Ordinarily, users would be access the converted PDF file in the app.  But let's say they need to  open the original PPT file using Microsoft PowerPoint on their device.

In order for content to be opened outside of the Mediafly App the content must have "Allow users to download this item" checked from within Airship.  This will allow the app to access the PDF version for easy viewing, and it will also enable the "Open In..." feature to access the original file.

Locate the item within the app.  Long press on the item thumbnail.  Select Open In a Different app... (1).

From this menu (2), select the app you'd like to open the item in.

The item will then open in the selected app.

Alternatively, you may open an item in a different app while viewing it.  

From within the content, tap anywhere on the screen to show the top and bottom menu bars.  Tap More (3).  

Select Open in a Different App (4).

From here, you may select the app (5) in which you'd like to open the content.

The item will then open in the selected app.