Using the Downloader (iOS)

The Downloader allows you to manage the items that are downloading (and have been downloaded) onto your device.

Tap on the Sync circle (1) on the top right corner of your app to reveal the Downloader.

Within the Downloader, items are separated by Finished (2), in Process (3), and Excluded (4).  Failed downloads may also appear here.

You may collapse or expand a given section using the down and up arrows (5) on the right of the header bars.

To remove items from the Downloader, tap the red Trash icon (6).

You will be presented with the option to remove all items, or a subset of items (7).

Long press on a specific item (8) to reveal a menu pertaining to that item.  From this menu, you may remove it from the device, exclude from downloading, or locate it within the app.

Tap anywhere outside of the Downloader panel to exit.

While outside of the Downloader, long-press on the Sync icon (10) on the top right of the screen to reveal additional functions.

NOTE: When the Sync icon is a full circle with bold outline and grey center, the sync and download process has completed successfully.