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Uploading Items from External Apps to Mediafly App (iOS)

Users with Manage Media permissions have the ability to save content from another iOS app to their Mediafly iOS app - all without needing to visit Airship!

Let's say you want to save a PDF email attachment from a mail iOS app to a Mediafly iOS app. Locate the desired item in your email and tap on the item to open it (1).

Once the item is open, select the share icon on the top right (2).

Scroll through the 'Import with" options until you find and select your desired Mediafly iOS app (3).

You will be directed to your Mediafly iOS app & presented with the folder hierarchy. From the list of folders, select the desired destination (4).

Tap Continue (5).

Update the file's title, if desired.  Tap Continue (6) again.

An upload confirmation message (7) will appear, notifying you that you may access the item once it has finished processing.  Click Done (7) to exit this page.

Once the item has finished processing, you may view it in the app (8). If any other metadata or permissions need to be added to the item, those actions will need to be completed within Airship.