Using the Sync Circle (iOS)

The Sync Circle is a feature inside the iOS Mediafly application that provides users a quick view into content syncing and downloading progress.

NOTE: For more information on the Downloader (iOS), please visit this article.

The Sync Circle is located in the upper right corner of your Mediafly iOS app.  The Sync Circle has an inner circle and outer ring, which signifies the status of two different processes:

Syncing (inner circle) compares what is currently available in the App to what is currently available on Mediafly's servers to identify any content changes (i.e. updates, additions or removals).  Syncing flags these changes as available for download.  When you sync content without downloading it, you are viewing the most up-to-date version, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Downloading (outer ring) adds and stores synced content onto your device.  Downloaded content is available for offline viewing.

The separate processes will likely take varying amounts of time to complete.

The Sync and Download processes can occur simultaneously or separately depending on your settings.  For example, users may explicitly set videos, documents, and or/audio files to download (or not download) automatically.  During the sync process, thumbnails for folders and images will always automatically download.

NOTE: Downloaded content will render faster upon viewing. If you choose to view content that has been synced but not downloaded to the device, it may take slightly longer to render the content.  The download process will begin when the content is selected.

In the first image below (1), content is in the process of syncing.

In the second image below (2), all content has been synced and downloaded.